Sailing Gear

Personal FLoatation Device

Sailors will need a good Personal Floation Device (PFD). Note that all district and national competitions require that the PFD be US Coast Guard certified. Zhik PFDs, even though superior to most others, are CE certified (which is the standard the rest of the world uses) but not US Coast Guard certified. We highly recommend that sailors not skimp on the PFD purchase but rather buy one that is designed for dinghy racing even though they might be more expensive.


Sailing boots

Sailors will furthermore need a good dinghy sailing boot. We do not allow barefoot sailing; close-toed shoes must be worn at all times.


Sailing gloves are recommended. For cold weather/water sailing we recommend Atlas 460 gloves. EEYS has purchased these gloves in bulk in various sizes and will provide them for $20.


As the weather gets colder, foul weather apparel will be necessary. Most of our youth sailors wear a combination of wet suit long johns with either a spray top or a wet suit top which assure good weather protection with optimal mobility.


In the late Fall and early Spring sailors will require a dry suit. When the water temperature drops to the low 40s and below, a dry suit will be mandatory.


Pinnies must be worn at regattas to identify the school/team. Mattituck HS sailors can purchase MHS pinnies (grey with MHS burgee) for $35 from EEYS. We also have EEYS pinnies (black with EEYS burgee) for composite teams (i.e. teams made up of sailors from different schools). We’ll assist teams from other schools sailing with EEYS in designing and ordering their own pinnies.

Ordering Gear from Mauri Pro Sailing

EEYS has an account with MauriPro Sailing  which carries a huge assortment of sailing apparel and gear from such well known brands as Zhik, Henri Lloyd, Gill, and many more.

All Gill, Zhik, Henri Lloyd, Magic Marine, Rooster items on the website are specially discounted 20% to high school sailors in the EEYS program. 

ORDERING PROCEDURE: go to the MauriPro Sailing website, choose what you want, color, size, etc and Redeem Coupon: MPSSPO20 for your discount.